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E-Bike Conversion Kits

The E-BikeKit™ is a True "Complete Electric Bike Conversion Kit"

The E-BikeKit™ is designed for convenience, performance, and reliability.
With an LCD dashboard control panel and 36v/48v 22amp 12FET controller, the system is easy to install and even easier to use. Premium connectors and cables guarantee resistance against weather and prevent disconnection issues prevalent in lesser quality kits.

This premium e-bike conversion kit includes a hand-built wheel, built to order, using 12g butted stainless steel spokes and extra strong eyeletted double-walled rims. All E-BikeKit wheels are built by a certified expert wheel builder in Newportville, PA USA.


Electric bike conversion kit systems include the E-BikeKit conversion kit & an e-bike battery

With the E-BikeKit you get absolutely everything you need out of the box to convert your own conventional bicycle into a quiet, efficient and economical e-bike.

Engineered to comply with USA Federal guidelines and requires no insurance or licensing in most states. If you are deciding whether to convert your existing bike or to buy a complete electric bike you should know that bikes converted with the E-BikeKit electric bike conversion kit are comparable to complete electric bikes costing more than $2500.

E-BikeKit™ Premium Features!

Blue Arrow LCD Dashboard with Battery Indicator!

Blue Arrow Intelligent 36v/48v-Compatible Motor Controller!

Blue Arrow Throttle-On-Demand w/ 5-Level Power Control!

Blue Arrow Eyeletted Double-Walled Rims & 12g Stainless Steel Spokes!

Blue Arrow Premium Cables and Connectors!

Blue Arrow “Left, Right or None” E-Brakes w/ TRS Connectors!

Blue Arrow BOTH Thumb & Split-Twist Throttle in Every Kit!

Includes Everything YOU Need!

1 x Hand-built wheel w/ disc-brake compatible hub motor
1 x 36/48V 22A 12FET brushless motor controller
1 x LCD dashboard with on/off, battery indicator & speed control
2 x Throttles (1 Thumb & 1 Split-Twist)
2 x E-Brake handles (left & right)
1 x Motor cable
1 x Accessory cable
1 x Battery wire harness (kits w/o batteries only)
1 x 7-Speed Shimano Freewheel (rears only)
1 x Owner's manual w/ installation guide
***Zip Ties, c-washers & torque arms in every kit!

Hub Motor Specifications:

Motor Type: Internally Geared or Direct-Drive Hub Motor (ISO disc brake compatible).
Geared = 350-450w peaks / Direct Drive = 500-1000w peaks.
Top Speed: 18-28MPH. *Contingent on battery and motor combination.
Weight: Geared 7 Pounds / Direct-Drive 14 pounds.
Warranty: 500w Direct-Drive Hub Motors - 2 Years (up to 48 volts).
350w Geared Hub Motors - 1 Year (36 volt use ONLY & 200lb total load limit).

The two types of hub motors offered by E-BikeKit are "geared"(using internal nylon gears) and "direct-drive"(using two sets of rare-earth magnets) motors.

Each motor has unique properties that may be more suitable for you. Choosing the best option for you will depend on your riding style.

Geared Vs. Direct Drive Motors


Lightweight / Efficient / Freewheel
Bike remains a bike

Electric Bike Motor - FRONT - Geared


Life span / Speed / Power
Bike becomes more of a scooter

Electric Bike Motor - FRONT - Direct-Drive


36v (350-450w)

36v (500-750w) / 48v (up to 1000w)

Top Speed

36v (20 MPH)

36v (20 MPH) / 48v (28 MPH)
*170 pound rider unassisted on flats


36v9ah = 16-34 miles
36v12ah = 20-42 miles
*Rider weight, rider input and terrain contingent

36v9ah = 12-24 miles
36v12ah = 14-28 miles
48v9ah = 12-24 miles
*Rider weight, rider input and terrain contingent

(top to bottom)

134mm Diameter

244mm Diameter


7 pounds

14 pounds


Zero drag when battery is not engaged.
Spins just like a regular bike wheel.

Slight drag when battery is not engaged.
Rare-earth magnets have minor resistance.


Each motor has unique properties that may be more suitable for you. Choosing the best option for you will depend on your riding style.

350w Internally Geared Motor

Advantages vs. Direct-Drive:

Lighter Weight (7 pounds vs. 14 pounds)
Smaller (134mm diameter vs. 244mm diameter)
Zero Resistance (complete freewheel when not using battery)
Excellent Efficiency (15-25% more range)

Disadvantages vs. Direct-Drive:

Lower Top Speed 36v (20 MPH)
Less Power (350w vs. 500w = 40% hill-climbing power)
36v ONLY - Not warranted for use at 48v. Warranted 1 year for 36v use only.
200lb. load limit. Not warranted for use with loads greater than 200lbs.

500w Direct-Drive Motor

Advantages vs. Geared:

High Top Speed 36v (20 MPH) / 48v (28 MPH)
More Power (500w vs. 350w = 65% hill-climbing power)
36v or 48v compatible. Warranted 2 years for 36v or 48v use.
500lb. load limit. Not warranted for use with loads greater than 500lbs.

Disadvantages vs. Geared:

Heavier Weight (14 pounds vs. 7 pounds)
Larger (244mm diameter vs. 134mm diameter)
Slight Magnetic Drag (slight resistance when not using battery)
Moderate Efficiency (15-25% less range)

Practical Summary:

If you're under 200lbs (total load with rider and gear) and plan on pedaling more than using the battery, and you want your bike to remain more of a conventional bicycle, then the 350w geared motor is likely your best choice of hub motor.

If you're total load is over 200lbs and you plan on using the battery more, or you desire a higher top speed and more power, then the 500w direct-drive motor is likely your best choice of hub motor.

Both motors are the exact same price and both are EASY to install.


Wheel/Wheel Size/Motor Type
Front/20"/350w Geared
20 MPH (28KPH)
Front/24"/350w Geared
20 MPH (28KPH)
Front/26"/350w Geared
20 MPH (28KPH)
Front/700c/350w Geared
20 MPH (28KPH)
Front/20"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Front/24"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Front/26"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Front/700c/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Rear/20"/350w Geared
20 MPH (28KPH)
Rear/24"/350w Geared
20 MPH (28KPH)
Rear/26"/350w Geared
20 MPH (28KPH)
Rear/700c/350w Geared
20 MPH (28KPH)
Rear/20"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Rear/24"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Rear/26"/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)
Rear/700c/500w Direct-Drive
20 MPH (32KPH)
28 MPH (45KPH)

Lithium Batteries

Electric Bicycle Battery - Li-ion Battery Packs in Convenient Electric Bicycle Battery Bag

Sold with 3amp charger.

Li-ion Batteries - ebike batteries

Electric Bicycle Battery - Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery Pack in Convenient Electric Bicycle Battery Bag

Every pack ships professionally soldered in a series and is completely "Plug & Ride" with Anderson Powerpole connectors.

Range: 12-34 Miles
Weight: 16 Pounds
Charging Time:4.5 Hours w/ 2Amp Charger
Cycle Life: 250+ (charge - discharge cycles before nominal capacity falls below 80%)


  • Professional USA Assembly
  • High-Quality Anderson Powerpole Connectors
  • Convenient Carry Bag w/ Durable Handle
  • Reflective Strip for Safety
  • Extra Wide Velcro Straps for Securing to a Rear Rack

  • Sealed Lead Acid E-Bike Battery