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Why Choose E-BikeKit

BEST Electric Bike Conversion Kit Decision You Can Make. Why should you choose the E-BikeKit™ Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit ? It's Simple...

The E-BikeKit is a True "Complete Conversion Kit" and includes everything you need out of the box for aggravation-free installation. You will be up and riding in under an hour and you will not have to make a trip to the hardware store for any additional parts.

Latest Features that Set E-BikeKit Apart from the Competition:

Blue Arrow NOW with “Eyeletted” Double-Walled Rims!

Blue Arrow Quick Connect/Disconnect on Every Motor!

Blue Arrow NEW Easy Connect Water-Proof Connectors!

Blue Arrow“Left, Right or None” E-Brakes w/ TRS Connectors!

Blue Arrow 3-Wire Intelligent Controller with On/Off Toggle!

Blue Arrow BOTH Thumb & Split-Twist Throttle in Every Kit!

By Choosing to Convert with E-BikeKit You Get More Than Twice the Power of a High-End Complete E-Bike at Less Than Half the Cost!

The E-BikeKit Complete Conversion System offers the ultimate electric bicycle conversion solution.
The complete system has everything you need "out of the box" to convert your conventional bike into a high-quality electric bike.

This electric bike conversion kit system offers both e-bike novices and experienced electric bicycle riders safety, power, convenience and reliability. Engineered to comply with USA Federal guidelines the E-BikeKit system is street legal and requires no insurance or licensing in most states. If you are deciding whether to convert your existing bike or to buy a complete electric bike please understand and comprehend that bikes converted with the E-BikeKit Complete Conversion System are comparable in power and quality to complete electric bikes costing more than $2500.

The E-BikeKit Complete Conversion System is simply the best conversion system available for the money; period.

Additional Benefits:

Blue Arrow Premium Wheels Hand-Built in the USA

Blue Arrow World Class Customer Service

Blue Arrow Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

Blue Arrow COMPLETE Product Support and Repair Services

Blue Arrow An Extensive Network of USA Authorized Dealers

Blue Arrow Fast Shipping & Fast Delivery

Blue Arrow Unmatched Product WARRANTY and 30 Day Return Policy

Blue Arrow Complete Availability: Toll FREE: 1.866.882.EBIK (3245)

Cyclists & Cycling Commuters

The E-BikeKit electric bicycle conversion system empowers cyclists of all ages and physical abilities with an affordable, high-quality, clean-energy alternative to cycle farther and faster from point A to point B.

Electric Bikes are the most eco-friendly, most affordable and most energy efficient form of transportation. Not only do electric bikes make green commuting a convenient reality, they make going green a healthy and enjoyable experience.

If you drive less than 20 miles to get to work or simply to get from place to place during your day, converting your own conventional bike into a battery assisted electric bike with the E-BikeKit conversion kit can save you money, improve your health and give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Authorized E-BikeKit Dealers

The E-BikeKit electric bicycle conversion system and the E-BikeKit company give qualified bicycle professionals the opportunity to increase revenues through product sales and associated professional conversion services.

By offering your customers the E-BikeKit conversion system you can be confident that what you are selling them is a safe, high-quality product supported by a viable company that is dedicated to it's dealers and their customers.

E-BikeKit Offers Qualified Dealers:

  • Generous Margins
  • Straightforward Terms & Conditions
  • Available Credit Terms
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities
  • Easy Payment and Shipping Options
  • Product Liability Insurance - Dealer Coverage
  • Dealer Locator Map Referrals & Sales/Marketing Support