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Things you should consider before buying an e bike!

If the rising fuel prices give you sleepless nights, you need to consider alternate options that can help you to travel without having to spend every single dollar on that last gallon of gas. You may want to take a second look at electric bikes since they’re the best alternative and let’s face it; bikes are more fun, especially, e bikes.

Electric bikes, also referred to as the e bikes are now readily available almost everywhere in the United States. However, it is important to mention that unlike the Asian markets United States still lags behind when it comes to accepting a revolutionary technology such as the e bikes. Yet, experts are confident that in the coming years, e bikes will rule the market and experience huge demand.

An e bike frees you from the worries of increasing fuel prices. Moreover, it is ideal for bikers who want to save costs on transportation. These bikes use rechargeable batteries to power their small electric engine. There are some models that have a pedal sensor to determine how much help you will require to ride your bike while some are equipped with a throttle on the handlebars.

In terms of speed, the e bikes provide a top speed of 15 to 20 mph and an average speed of about 200 W. Before choosing your e bike you must consider a few things. These include the following:

Bicycle Weight
The frame, motor and battery are the heaviest components of the e bike. Cheaper electric bikes usually have heavier batteries and motors. This could be a problem for you if you have a heavier built. So, while buying your bike make sure that the bike is lightweight.

Motor Power
Motor power determines the speed of your bike. Speed differs according to the weight of the rider and the size of the wheel.

The battery provides power to the electric motor. A fully charged battery tends to provide a range of 12 to 30 miles depending on your weight and size.

Keep these factors in mind before purchasing your new electric bike.