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Electric Tricycles

Electric Tricycles for Adults - Made in the USA

Available NOW right HERE on E-BikeKit.com

Just $1200 and FREE SHIPPING! (Contiguous USA Only)

The folding Port-O-Trike electric trike below has a 1 week lead time and ships directly from E-BikeKit of Pennsylvannia.


Electric Tricycle Assembly

This USA made electric tricycle is based upon the world famous Worksman Port-o-trike (with all the great features including folding frame capability for convenient storage and transport). Pedal and use the electric motor in any combination!

This premium electric trike is a one-of-a kind made in the USA folding tricycle that has a caliper brake and coaster (foot)brake, wide comfortable seat, large rear cargo basket, upright handlebars, and much more. To operate the electric system, there is a simple twist throttle on the handlebars...simply twist throttle and go! This electric tricycle is made to assist with heavier weights, has a top speed of 12MPH and it even has "smart reverse" (limited to 4MPH for safety)! Electric "e-brake" handles cut power for increased safety and a convenient LED battery indicator let's you know when it's time to recharge.

The Port-o-Trike electric tricycle is recommended for riders weighing less than 250 pounds and for heights of appx 4'8" to 6'0". Minimal assembly is required.

The BEST selection of Electric Tricycles on the Web!

Blue ArrowOptional upgrades for larger lead-acid batteries and Li-ion battery packs are available!

Blue ArrowAll electric tricycles are throttle on demand power and immediate start.

Blue ArrowPerfect for adult riders seeking powerful electric assistance.

Blue ArrowSpeed limited 12MPH forward with 4MPH reverse!

Electric Glide “Special”

With its 550-lb. weight capacity and wide, high-back tractor seat, the Glide is great for riders looking for maximum comfort and major support. The seat sits just 24.25" off the ground, enabling any rider to get on and off without breaking a sweat. And for those looking to settle in for some long and leisurely rides, optional armrests add an extra relaxing touch. For total flexibility and true ease of operation, you just can’t beat the Glide.

Available NOW from Ding!Bikes

Contact Ding!Bikes directly for pricing and shipping. Call 407.875.3464 or visit Ding!Bikes.com

electric tricycle

Electric Rumble “Special”

With a low carriage and larger-than-life attitude, the Rumble is the undisputed bad boy of our trike line. With big, hungry 3″ tires designed to devour the streets of your neighborhood, Rumble is for riders who want to make a statement. And the statement is: “Check me out. Now get outta my way.” It’s not about getting somewhere. It’s about getting a rise out of everyone who sees you. That’s what Rumble does best.

Available NOW from Ding!Bikes

Contact Ding!Bikes directly for pricing and shipping. Call 407.875.3464 or visit Ding!Bikes.com

electric trike

Electric Bobbsey “Special”

A scenic, smooth sailing ride on a sunny day is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Thanks to the Bobbsey, you can share one of life’s greatest pleasures with one of your favorite people. This one-of-a-kind trike is built for two kindred spirits who would rather ride, relax and reap the joys of life together. Bobbsey is perfect for riders with different physical capabilities as well as families, resorts and rental programs seeking a unique recreational option. Because as we all know, when you have someone special by your side, everything feels twice as nice.

Available NOW from Ding!Bikes

Contact Ding!Bikes directly for pricing and shipping. Call 407.875.3464 or visit Ding!Bikes.com

electric trike

E-TrikeKit™ - Electric Tricycle Conversion Kit System
12MPH Forward and 4MPH Reverse

Convert any tricycle to electric using the E-TrikeKit conversion kit system.
This is the same electric tricycle system used on the Worksman Port-o-Trike above.


Buy Electric Tricycle
You SAVE $50 by Ordering the Kit & SLA Battery Together!

Flat rate Shipping $58 (Continental USA ONLY)

Available Wheel Sizes: Comes standard in a 20" wheel. 24" and 26" rebuild available
Tire Width: 1.15"(29mm)-2.25"(57mm) will fit
Bike Compatibility: Fits standard tricycle 100mm wide front fork dropout


1 x Hand-Built Wheel w/ 500w Direct-Drive Hub Motor
1 x 36V 20A Brushless Motor Controller
1 x Throttle with Forward-Reverse Button
2 x E-Brake Handles (optional)
1 x LED Battery Indicator Display
1 x Battery Wire Harness (kit w/o battery only)
1 x Owner's Manual

Included Small Parts:

1 x Universal Torque Arm (securing axle to fork)
15 x Plastic Zip Ties (secure wiring to frame)
2 x C-Washers - Stainless Steel (indented dropout fillers)
1 x Battery Wire Harness
1 x 3mm Allen wrench for installing throttle
1 x screw for securing LED Battery Indicator Display

Every E-TrikeKit hub motor wheel has been hand-built by a professional wheel builder with experience building wheels with hub motors for electric bike conversions.

Every wheel is stress tested during the building process. This ensures that your new E-TrikeKit wheel will be true, round and perfect out of the box.

The E-TrikeKit Electric Tricycle Conversion Kit System offers the best value and quality for converting your conventional tricycle to an electric-powered tricycle.

Motor Specifications:

Motor: 500w Direct-Drive Hub Motor (6-bolt ISO disc brake compatible)
500-750w peaks
Wheel: USA Hand-Built Wheel w/ Heavy Duty Double-Walled/Eyeletted Rim & Steel Spokes
Hub Weight: 14 pounds
Warranted: 1 Year at 36v

Speed: Top Speed 10MPH Forward and 3MPH Reverse
Range: Range is between 12-34 Miles (rider weight, rider input and terrain contingent)
*Rider weight, rider input,terrain, battery/motor combination contingent.
Charging Time: 4hrs - 8hrs (depending on battery and charger type)

Lithium E-Bike Batteries

Li-ion Battery Packs are available for all Electric Tricycles and E-Trike Conversion Kits

The electric tricycles are 36v compatible ONLY. Sold with 3amp charger.

Electric Bicycle Battery Sealed Lead Acid 36v9ah

Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery Packs are available for all Electric Tricycles and E-Trike Conversion Kits

Every pack ships professionally soldered in a series and is completely "Plug & Ride" with Anderson Powerpole connectors.

Range: 12-34 Miles
Weight: 16 Pounds
Charging Time:4.5 Hours w/ 2Amp Charger
Cycle Life: 250+ (charge - discharge cycles before nominal capacity falls below 80%)


  • Professional USA Assembly
  • High-Quality Anderson Powerpole Connectors
  • Convenient Carry Bag w/ Durable Handle
  • Reflective Strip for Safety
  • Extra Wide Velcro Straps for Securing to a Rear Rack

  • Sealed Lead Acid E-Bike Battery

  • Electric tricycles are fun to ride and they make sense for short trips around town.

    Most electric tricycles on the market today are expensive and heavy. Electric Bike Technologies company offers the only E-TrikeKit™ electric trike conversion kit made specifically for converting any adult tricycle into an electric tricycle at an affordable price. Designed in cooperation with Worksman Cycles (the oldest manufacturer of bicycles in the USA) Electric Bike Technologies now offers this amazing e-trike kit our network of authorized dealers and right here online at e-bikekit.com. This electric trike kit was introduced in September 2012 (press release).

    Responding to an increased demand for electric-assisted adult tricycles, specifically among aging baby boomers, Electric Bike Technologies Company now delivers an “E-TrikeKit” conversion kit which provides safety, power and ultimately an exceptional user experience with the addition of a more powerful motor, reverse functionality, speed limiting and an LED power console.

    The system is operated with a variable throttle giving 100% control to the rider and top speeds are limited and determined by forward or reverse mode. Limiting speeds based on forward or reverse combined with the throttle-on-demand is unique in the industry and brings a sensible approach to a product that is long overdue in the electric bike conversion kit market.

    The main features of the E-TrikeKit are:

    Blue Arrow Motor and Controls Designed Specifically for Heavier Tricycles!

    Blue Arrow It's Got Reverse! Limited to 10MPH Forward and 3MPH in Reverse!

    Blue Arrow LED Battery Indicator (fuel gauge) Included!

    Blue Arrow“Eyeletted” Double-Walled Rims!

    Blue Arrow Quick Connect/Disconnect!

    Blue Arrow Easy Connect Water-Proof Connectors!

    Blue Arrow Optional E-Brakes!

    Blue Arrow 3-Wire Intelligent Controller with On/Off Toggle!

    Electric Trike
    Quote startThis unique “E-TrikeKit” fills the gap in the electric bike conversion kit market with an e-bike kit designed specifically for adult tricycles.Quote end

    “At E-BikeKit we had about 25% of our customers requesting a kit that would work on an adult tricycle. Answering this demand and working in conjunction with Worksman Cycles (America's oldest bicycle manufacturer and industrial tricycle experts) we’ve developed the E-TrikeKit and added some trike specific features that significantly enhance the end user experience. We’re confident that the E-TrikeKit will live up to the expectations that our customers have come to expect from E-BikeKit.”
    -- Jason Kraft, Electric Bike Technologies CEO.

    “We are excited to be teaming up with Electric Bike Technologies to offer their conversion kits on our line of Adult Tricycles. These well-designed kits will allow us to broaden our product line in the booming adult tricycle market with eTrikes that meet our quality requirements as the industry leader."
    -- Bruce Weinreb, Worksman Cycles Director of New Markets.

    Electric Tricycle